Back Door Beautification: Step 4

Time to paint! Amanda got going with some Frog Tape® to keep the glass on her door paint free. Two coats were all it took for a beautiful Naval (SW 6244) finish. She told us her Sherwin-Williams store helped her pick out Duration Exterior paint in a satin finish, so that it’s easy to clean away “the dirt life gives you.” With a dog and a little girl at home, we’re glad she listened!

If you’re ever painting a door or window and don’t have any tape around, no worries! Of course, try to stay in the lines, but when you’re done, you may be able to scrape off any “oopsies” with a simple putty knife. And to help stay in the lines without always reaching for a brush, mix up the size of your rollers: smaller spaces, smaller rollers.

Back Door Beautification: Step 1

Because she still loved the yellow on her back porch, Amanda wanted to find the perfect match for her stairs and railings. Thankfully, the folks at her local Sherwin-Williams store let her know she could bring in an old paint chip to get an exact match.

As for the blue, brighter was better. So, when she got to the store, she grabbed a color deck and started looking for the perfect shade.

Back Door Beautification

They say your home is an extension of yourself. “That’s why I never have people over in the summer,” Amanda told us a few days ago when we met to talk about her back porch renewal. “We love cooking out, but hate that this was what people would look at when spending time in our backyard.”

So, with the help of a DIY-enthusiast neighbor and the associates at her local Sherwin-Williams store, Amanda got started on a fresh coat of paint for her back porch.