Memories in Color: Making it Home
On the way to making her apartment feel like home, Jessica brought the colors of her past to life. To recreate Jessica’s picture frame project with your own family photos, find the images and frames you’d like to use. Then, using color cards from a Sherwin-Williams store or the ColorSnap app for your smartphone, find colors that match the details of your photo. Apply two coats of paint in your chosen colors, and you’ll be ready to show off your memories—and your talents!

Your favorite family photos
Picture frames
Purdy® XL™ Dale™ 1-inch paintbrush
Duration Home paint in the colors of your choice
Jessica used Feverish Pink (SW 6859)Radish (SW 6861) and Real Red (SW 6868)

Memories in Color: Inspired Painting
Thanks to the bright flowers in each photo of her grandmother and in her grandmother’s beloved broach, Jessica was able to pull vivid pinks, corals and reds to use on her picture frames and make them truly special. Using two coats of paint in Feverish Pink (SW 6859)Radish (SW 6861) and Real Red (SW 6868), her picture frames would be perfect for showcasing her family memories.  

Memories in Color
Growing up and moving away from home: It’s something so many young adults yearn for, but sometimes it’s a little harder than anticipated. That’s what happened when Jessica moved to the city after college to open her own design shop. Even though her business was taking off, her constant homesickness was getting the best of her. After Jessica called home a few times, her mom sent some of Jessica’s favorite, old family photos and mementos to help cheer her up and fill her house with familiar faces from the past. 

A Primary Color Decision: The Wrap Up

When someone works in design day in and day out, you better believe their home will be a reflection of their work. This primary-colored room highlights Kirby’s eye for design and color know-how, but still feels perfectly at home!

You might not want to paint your own home such a bright color, but with a little thought and reaching into your own aesthetic, the color you choose can really pull everything together and make it your own.


One gallon Cashmere® Interior Paint in Brittlebush (SW 6684)

Purdy® Clearcut® Glide™ paintbrush

Purdy® Marathon™ roller cover

Purdy® Roller Frame

ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape 

Plastic drop cloth

A Primary Color Decision: Step 5

Instead of going all out with a bright color like Brittlebush (SW 6684) in his entire den, Kirby decided to keep the yellow on just two walls to pack a punch of color, while allowing for a toned-down neutral to remain in the rest of the room. He painted just two walls—and voila! The room took on a whole new look with a day’s worth of effort.

His color choice adds to the artwork, juxtaposing large-form yellow art on neutral walls with yellow walls and neutral colored art. Instead of competing for attention, everything balances and plays off of everything else. 

A Primary Color Decision: Step 2

To tie it all together (the blue sofa, red artwork, blue bookshelves and boring walls), Kirby drove to Sherwin-Williams to pick up some yellow color cards to compare against the blue sofa. After a few rounds of back and forth with the colors, Brittlebush (SW 6684) was declared the winner!

Pick up some color cards from your local Sherwin-Williams store and look at them within the room your painting. Will these colors clash? Would a deeper shade work better to highlight existing colors? A slight change in color can make all the difference.

A Primary Color Decision: Step 1

Because your home is an extension of yourself, Kirby wanted a true display of color theory in his den. So much of his personality was already on display: a movie poster for Helvetica and a poster from his favorite band, David Wax Museum. The color he chose needed to represent more than just the walls and fully complement the art around him.

Let your personality guide your color choices. Find a color that represents you and incorporate it into your favorite spaces!