Looking for a great paint idea for a shared bedroom? Linda has one that both boys and girls will love! No matter their gender, all kids gravitate toward shapes and colors, so Linda got busy creating just that! To ensure her final colors would be bold and bright, Linda first painted her accent wall with crisp, clean Extra White SW 7006. Next, she created a big, graphic, triangle pattern using painter’s tape. To pick the colors, Linda picked up her mobile phone! Using the ColorSnap® Visualizer app, she created a palette of fun, energizing hues including Exuberant Pink SW 6840, Calypso SW 6950, Electric Lime SW 6921, Kimono Violet SW 6839 and Vesper Violet SW 6542. Painting the shapes was easy, and once she removed the tape, the beautiful wall was complete. Magnífico! 

(Source: bit.ly)