Make way for a new romanticism marked by medieval patterns, revived customs and bittersweet beauty. Dark and sensuous, the noir palette overflows with vine-ripe fruits, Nordic blues, moody neutrals and golden yellows. Find your perfect color expression with one of the four palettes from Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast 2017.

Cozy up with the earth tones of the 1970s. From cool avocado and bold mustard yellow to warm harvest gold and subtle beige, the colors of the disco era play well together in patterns and solids alike. Bring the warmth and down-to-earth feel of the ’70s into your home with paint colors like Bakelite Gold SW 6368, Practical Beige SW 6100, Amber Wave SW 6657 and Avocado SW 2861.

When you explore the Pottery Barn Fall/Winter 2016 Palette, you’ll discover stunning combinations of color. From subtle tones like Magnetic Gray 7058 and Inviting Ivory SW 6372 to bold expressions like Regatta SW 6517 and Burgundy SW 6300, this seasonal palette of paint colors coordinates effortlessly with all your favorite furnishings and decor from Pottery Barn.

From the Victorian era to present day, we’re taking a look at color through the decades to celebrate 150 years of Sherwin-Williams. In the exuberant post-war boom of the 1950s, color inspiration sprouted from a mix of styles, including mid-century modern and Scandinavian. Soft pastels like lilac and chartreuse reigned throughout the home, while pink and turquoise appliances appeared in the kitchen and laundry. Looking to bring a little of that retro ‘50s vibe into your home today? Try Chartreuse SW 0073, Radiant Lilac SW 0074, Holiday Turquoise SW 0075 and Sunbeam Yellow SW 0078.

Our 150th Anniversary color palette celebration has brought us to the final decade of the 20th century. Bye-bye ’80s pomp and pastel. In the 1990s, the increasingly popular rustic, sun-baked, Tuscan look ushered in earthier tones. Beige, gold, terra cotta, putty, sage and reds were all popularized on the West Coast first, then eventually made their way to the Southwest, South and Midwest. Looking to add some ’90s flair to your family home? Try Bungalow Beige SW 7511, Dover White SW 6385, Urban putty SW 7532, Svelte Sage SW 6164, Basket Beige SW 6143, Whole Wheat SW 6121, Fireweed SW 6328 or Spiced Cider SW 7702.

We’re celebrating our 150th anniversary by taking a look back at color throughout the decades. Loved the 1960s? So did we! Paisleys met geometrics, boldly marking the decade of peace, love and rock ‘n’ roll. Want to add  a bit of this bright, modern palette to your home? Try Navel SW 6887, Daisy SW 6910, Exuberant Pink SW 6840 and Forget Me Not SW 6824.