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A Natural Beauty

As a hairstylist, Megan’s favorite part of the job is giving her clients a new, refreshed look while still letting their natural beauty shine through. When she found this unique wooden bowl at her local flea market for only $.99, she got excited to carry her same style philosophies over to her own renewal project!

Harlow’s Nursery: A Welcome Home

Harlow’s nursery blends unique style with modern finishes, proving that personal connection is the most important aspect of decorating your home. Walls in Cooled Blue (SW 6759) provide a crisp contrast to the white dresser and rug, both from West Elm.


Scotch-Blue™ Painter’s Tape

Purdy® Clearcut® Swan™ paintbrush

Two gallons of Harmony® Interior Acrylic Latex Paint with a semi-gloss finish in Cooled Blue (SW 6759)

Kovrd Paint Tray Storage Bag


Rediscovered in Red: Voila! 

And there you have it. Who says ornaments are only for trees? This ruby red cabinet’s cheer will outlast the holiday season and provide practical storage for years to come.


Rediscovered in Red

One of the perks of buying an old house is finding its forgotten treasures that have been left behind. Allie, a photographer, needed a space to store her camera equipment. Adam needed a place to put his keys at the end of the day. They realized that a solution to both of their problems was already under their own roof.

The Best Way To Paint A Dresser
Have you figured out the best way to paint a dresser? Well, our friends at Dream Book Designs claim to have discovered a foolproof method for it! While that’s quite a claim these DIYers are making, this “after” photo of their dresser makes us think they might be on to something. Check it out for yourself here.

 A Touch of Color

We love sharing a good SWRenew project!

Denise from recently painted her old China cabinet to add a breath of fresh, bright color to her kitchen. With just few coats of Cooled Blue (SW 6759), her cabinet is now a great focal point to highlight her pottery collection. Check out her blog to see the step-by-step and get inspired to take on a project of your own! A Spanish version of this project is also available here.