The Best Way To Paint A Dresser
Have you figured out the best way to paint a dresser? Well, our friends at Dream Book Designs claim to have discovered a foolproof method for it! While that’s quite a claim these DIYers are making, this “after” photo of their dresser makes us think they might be on to something. Check it out for yourself here.

 A Touch of Color

We love sharing a good SWRenew project!

Denise from recently painted her old China cabinet to add a breath of fresh, bright color to her kitchen. With just few coats of Cooled Blue (SW 6759), her cabinet is now a great focal point to highlight her pottery collection. Check out her blog to see the step-by-step and get inspired to take on a project of your own! A Spanish version of this project is also available here.

New Uses for Old Paint: Autumnal Display

With lots of paint left over from previous projects, we got to work making a beautiful front porch for one of our teammates. It’s a fun, easy project to enjoy time with friends and reuse our favorite colors, plus the trick-or-treaters will love the bright colors!

Recreate your own pumpkin painting or find new ideas for your own leftovers! 

Leftover paint

New Uses for Old Paint: Anything Goes

Everyone who came to paint had their own unique ideas, but we decided to try a cohesive approach with bright solids and thick stripes that visitors wouldn’t be able to miss.

The thing about painting pumpkins is there really are no rules—do what makes you (and your porch) feel festive!