Small Project, Big Impact:

The Finalized Flowerpot

Sometimes you seek out a project; sometimes a project finds you. And Dilara’s house-number flowerpot is a perfect example of the latter! She wasn’t looking for a new weekend project, but when she saw the flowerpot discarded in the brush, she knew she could make it into something fabulous.

With just a little elbow grease, a small vision and a few hours spent in the afternoon sun, Dilara was able to transform this forgotten piece of pottery into a memorable accent for her front porch.

Foam brush

All Surface Enamel Latex Primer 

All Surface Enamel Latex Base in Heartthrob (SW 6866)

Purdy® XL™ Dale™ paintbrush

Small paintbrush

Small Project, Big Impact: The Final Step
Even though Heartthrob (SW 6866) added vibrancy to the flowerpot, the final step in this project is what really makes it special. Using a piece of chalk, Dilara outlined her house number onto the flowerpot’s surface. With a set of artist paintbrushes and some leftover white paint, she painted a bold “30,” and using the smallest brush to refine the rough edges and fill in any streaks, her house number was complete.

Small Project, Big Impact: Step 2
We’re really excited to share this color inspiration with you! Because Dilara already had a welcoming cardinal fixture adorning her house number, she wanted the flowerpot to match. She picked up a couple color cards from her local Sherwin-Williams store, and Heartthrob (SW 6866) was declared the winner to take her flowerpot from woeful to wonderful.

Look around you to find colors for your next project. Try pulling colors from a meaningful object or places around your home to really add some sentiment.

Small Project, Big Impact: Step 1
After finding it in the garden, Dilara needed to give her new flowerpot some TLC before dipping her paintbrush. Because terra cotta holds on to moisture, she gave it a good day to dry off.

Once dry, lots of fresh air, sunlight and the sounds of nature made the perfect backdrop to take on her weekend project. Two coats of an exceptionally durable primer and this flowerpot was ready for a big date with red-hot color.

Small Project, Big Impact
You know that saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?”

Well, in Dilara’s case, it really was! One afternoon while she was taking care of some early-fall yard work, Dilara discovered a forgotten flowerpot in her neighbor’s overgrown garden. She was already looking for a way to make her house stand out and thought adding a fun punch of color to this flowerpot could do the trick. She asked if she could have this grown over find, he said yes, and the rest is (soon-to-be) history.