Rediscovered in Red: Voila! 

And there you have it. Who says ornaments are only for trees? This ruby red cabinet’s cheer will outlast the holiday season and provide practical storage for years to come.


Rediscovered in Red

One of the perks of buying an old house is finding its forgotten treasures that have been left behind. Allie, a photographer, needed a space to store her camera equipment. Adam needed a place to put his keys at the end of the day. They realized that a solution to both of their problems was already under their own roof.

Memories in Color: A Sentimental Display
Sometimes red is more than just a color. For Jessica, the colors from her grandmother’s photos represent family, love and an overwhelming feeling of home. With just some timeworn picture frames and a few coats of perfectly matched paint colors, her tiny apartment in the city now feels closer to home than ever before.

Small Project, Big Impact:

The Finalized Flowerpot

Sometimes you seek out a project; sometimes a project finds you. And Dilara’s house-number flowerpot is a perfect example of the latter! She wasn’t looking for a new weekend project, but when she saw the flowerpot discarded in the brush, she knew she could make it into something fabulous.

With just a little elbow grease, a small vision and a few hours spent in the afternoon sun, Dilara was able to transform this forgotten piece of pottery into a memorable accent for her front porch.

Foam brush

All Surface Enamel Latex Primer 

All Surface Enamel Latex Base in Heartthrob (SW 6866)

Purdy® XL™ Dale™ paintbrush

Small paintbrush

Great Friends, Gorgeous Garage: Step 5

Only two coats of paint left to make the garage really stand out. Which paint to use for concrete? SuperPaint® to the rescue! This stuff is made to handle both cold, frosty winters and hot, humid summers. Since this garage is going to see all that and more, it was definitely a perfect choice.