Great Friends, Gorgeous Garage: Step 3

Just like any other paint project, the garage needed a bit more prep time before the paint could start rolling. Since Cole had a great little deck next to his garage, the guys added some tape around the edges as well as the edges of all the doors and windows. They used a putty knife to help tuck into corners and make sure nothing got under the edges.

Have we mentioned how much we love the putty knife? This little guy can help scrape paint, seal edges of tape, get under an old finish and even spread putty if you need.

Great Friends, Gorgeous Garage

When you’re young and just starting out on your own, your biggest ask of your friends is to help you move to a new apartment. Once you’re a little older and have your own house, the ask gets a little bigger—like helping you paint your garage! That’s what Cole did. With nothing but the promise of sunshine, snacks, soda (we’ll call it “soda”) and some company, he got the gang together for a few days of painting.

Back Door Beautification: Step 5

Loving this yellow color? Well, you might be surprised that this perfect complement to Amanda’s Naval (SW 6244) door is actually a stain! She got a quart of custom-tinted Deckscapes Exterior Stain, which is great for a back porch. As a busy mom, she loved that the stain works in one coat, is scuff resistant and prevents moisture damage and mildew. No need to do extra work, right?

Using a roller on decks and porches makes it super easy to cover a larger surface in less time. That way, you can save your brush for getting in between the railings.