When Denise wanted a more private play area for her family, she knew she’d have to get creative. Because her kids spent so much time outside, a barrier of some sort was a must. After ruling out more expensive options, she and her husband landed on the idea of building a DIY fence from old, wood pallets. After securing them on railroad ties, she stained it in SuperDeck® Exterior Waterborne Semi-Transparent Stain, Pacific Pine SW 3570. Now it’s the focal point of their patio. Gorgeous!

(Source: sherwin-williams.com)

Great Friends, Gorgeous Garage: The Recap

Ready to take on your own garage makeover? Gather your friends, grab some snacks and our supplies list, and get to work!


Loxon Masonry & Concrete Primer (Use our paint calculator to see how much primer and paint you’ll need for each coat)

SuperPaint® Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint in Sea Worthy (SW 7620)

Resilience™ Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint in Pure White (SW 7005)

Purdy® Marathon™ roller cover and frame

Purdy® Chinex® Glide™ angled brush

HANDy Paint Cup®

Paint tray

Tray liners

Putty knife

Painter’s tape

Drop cloths


Great Friends, Gorgeous Garage: Step 3

Just like any other paint project, the garage needed a bit more prep time before the paint could start rolling. Since Cole had a great little deck next to his garage, the guys added some tape around the edges as well as the edges of all the doors and windows. They used a putty knife to help tuck into corners and make sure nothing got under the edges.

Have we mentioned how much we love the putty knife? This little guy can help scrape paint, seal edges of tape, get under an old finish and even spread putty if you need.

Great Friends, Gorgeous Garage: Step 1

With a blue front porch and blue accents around the exterior of their house, Cole and his wife were leaning toward a dark blue for the garage, but they were a little nervous to go so bold on such a large project.

Those nerves were squashed pretty quickly, though, once they got out our ColorSnap Studio app! With just a photo of the garage and a couple taps on the screen, they got a great idea of how the garage would look with a Sea Worthy (SW 7620) surface, and they were fully confident once they compared it to a color card from the store.

Great Friends, Gorgeous Garage

When you’re young and just starting out on your own, your biggest ask of your friends is to help you move to a new apartment. Once you’re a little older and have your own house, the ask gets a little bigger—like helping you paint your garage! That’s what Cole did. With nothing but the promise of sunshine, snacks, soda (we’ll call it “soda”) and some company, he got the gang together for a few days of painting.