When wanted to give back to her local community police station, she gathered her friends and family and volunteered to completely transform their break room and office space. Pure White SW 7005, Topsail SW 6217 and Extra White SW 7006 helped complete the fresh, bold look. Yet another wonderful example of local communities giving back to their own in the spirit of National Painting Week.

(Source: sherwin-williams.com)

Playtime has never been more fun in this school’s creatively refreshed Motor Skills Room. Reimagined by , the new colors reflect the childlike exuberance of the kids who’ll surely enjoy it. Love these hues? They include Peppercorn SW 7674, Comfort Gray SW 6205, Lime Granita SW 6715, Composed SW 6472, Breaktime SW 6463, Spun Sugar SW 6337, Ceiling Bright White SW 7007 and Pure White SW 7005. Thanks to all who volunteered their time on this project in the spirit of National Painting Week! 

(Source: bit.ly)